The Applecreek ACD100 Dulcimer is a beautifully sounding and well-designed dulcimer. Here’s why.

applecreek dulcimer review
This beautifully designed Applecreek ACD100 Dulcimer provides the user with sweet, soft sounds that come from a dulcimer. Through the use of this instrument, both beginners and advanced users are able to make the most of the music that they play, whether it is in a band or on their own.

The sweet sounds will continuously provide a high-quality symphony of music wherever you choose to play.

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An affordable introduction to the world of stringed instruments, Applecreek’s ACD100 Dulcimerprovides the user with the most in playing capabilities, while also ensuring that it provides the beginner with a way to easily learn without tiring their fingers or eyes during play time.

The Dulcimer’s Construction

As with other instruments that you play, and choose; the construction of the instrument should prove to be the best in the market. Imported from Romania, and each one is handcrafted to ensure that it plays as it should, they have taken the highest in quality to ensure that everyone has exactly what they need while playing on the ideal dulcimer for them and their level of playing.

The laminated spruce back, top and sides of the instrument provide the user with a hard case shell that provides the music with a way to transfer from the instrument, out into the open air around you. The folk song would not be complete without this wood sound.

The maple neck and fingerboard stands strong and is made from this harder choice of wood for a purpose. The strings are able to easily glide over the maple, and send sounds throughout the instrument and into the air around it.

The teardrop shape provides an overall great way for the beginner, or advanced user to play the instrument with ease since it provides such an easy grip to hold onto whether playing on a surface, or on the player’s lap.

Being 31”, it is the ideal length for those that want a quick play, or for smaller students that wish to learn how to play the dulcimer.

Body depth can matter, as well depending on the depth of the tones that you’d like to receive from the dulcimer. Applecreek’s ACD100 Dulcimer has a body depth of 1 7/8”, providing the sweet, soothing sounds that you come to expect from a hallowed, yet not too deep dulcimer.

Built with 6 1/2 Frets, it provides the user complete control over the sounds that they choose to make when using the instrument, for any types of songs. The extra 1/2 Fret can provide the user with a way to add onto harder songs, without having to worry about adding extra Frets or finding a dulcimer with just the standard 6 that accompany them.

Overall beautiful, easy to use construction that does not need a lot of tuning. When you’re playing for hours, the dulcimer will stay tuned. The do come with the dulcimer in the package, including the case, but you can also use your own tuning devices. The dulcimer is a great value overall, construction wise, for the price that you pay to get it.

Ease of Use

Applecreek’s ACD100 Dulcimer is one of the easiest dulcimers to use on the market, due to the fact that it was made as a beginner’s instrument in the string family. It was made a bit smaller for those that are just entering into the string family, and wish to learn on something that is going to stand strong, even after hours of practicing.

Applecreek is known for their high-quality standards for the instruments that they provide, making this dulcimer and ideal choice to go with.

Even with the extra 1/2 Fret, playing on it can be easy to learn, and once the standard 6 Frets are learned, the extra 1/2 can then be learned with ease.

The Applecreek ACD100 Dulcimer provides the user with the essentials that are needed when it comes to using the most efficient and effective instrument on the market. This beautiful instrument was able to perform at the top level, as compared to some of the other brands and types of dulcimers on the market.

This dulcimer is recommended for those that wish to learn how to start playing the dulcimer, but also for those that want to play some quick songs and already know how to play the instrument.

Those who have used Applecreek’s ACD100 Dulcimerloved the aspects that came with it, and they loved the overall shape and construction of the instrument. With such a beautiful overall appearance, sound and solid construction, it is one of the most recommended dulcimers on the market.

Customers Who Purchased This Dulcimer Thought:

  • VERY nice dulcimer that comes with the pick and noter device
  • Affordable, smooth sounding and easy to learn on
  • Professional quality instrument, but easy enough to use for the beginner
  • Comes with a nice case that provides protection when not in use
  • Love the fact that it is a 6 1/2 and not just a standard 6 that you’d find on other dulcimers

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