Dulcimers are a beautiful instrument that can make a beautiful sound, but if they’re not properly cared for, then they can become ruined and might not sound the same way that they did when you first purchased the instrument.

When it comes to purchasing a dulcimer, you should ensure that you have the protective barrier that goes over the instrument. This case can ensure that the dulcimer is kept clean, in shape and out of the way.

In addition to this, cases can also be ideal for carrying anything that goes along with the instrument, such as sheet music or just for carrying the instrument to other places that you want to play it. Ease of use is always ideal, and with the right case, you can ensure that you have just that and so much more.

What to Look for in Dulcimer Cases

  • Protection: The protection of the instrument inside is important. When choosing a bag, you do not want something that you can just throw your instrument in and go. You want something that hugs it while you carry it around with you.
  • Ease of Carrying: There should be comfort handles placed on the sides of the case so that you do not have to worry about how you’re going to carry the case from place to place. Handles can help you.
  • Construction of the bag: The construction and what the bag is made up of matters a lot, since you want something rugged and durable. You want to ensure that it is going to protect the instrument inside it, so choosing something that provides comfort inside, but protection on the outside is essential.
  • The right fit: Depending on the dulcimer that you have, you need to make sure that the shape of the instrument is going to be able to fit inside the bag. You want to make sure that you’re able to carry it around inside a form-fitting area.

Folkcraft Dulcimer Carrying Bag

image of Folkcraft Dulcimer Carrying Bag The Folkcraft Dulcimer Carrying Bag provides luggage-like protection for the dulcimer that you’re going to be carrying around.

With the use of the outside luggage material, you can protect the inside instrument from being damaged from outside sources.

Durable construction with easy to carry handles on the sides of the bag. Be able to easily carry your instrument around with the durable construction and the heavy-duty handles that can handle the weight of the instrument and any items that go along with it.

Fits close to all teardrop and hourglass shaped dulcimers in the market, making it versatile for just about any user.

It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, if you prefer to throw it over your shoulder and head out.

A pocket on the side is also included, to safely place your items so they’re not loose inside the bag.

Customers Reviews:

  • Very well made bag
  • Has enough space for my dulcimer and items

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Seagull Merlin Gigbag Black for Merlin

best dulcimer cases The Seagull Merlin Gigbag Black for Merlin provides the perfect protection against outside intrusions for the dulcimer that you’re carrying around. Made specifically for the Seagull Merlin Dulcimer, your’s will be able to fit nicely inside it.

The black overlay provides a professional appeal, complete with the Seagull Martin logo. In addition, the bag is shaped more like a gig bag, so you can throw it over your shoulder and hit the road when you need to go out and play.

The perfect fit that the case provides is one that entices the users since it covers the outside of the instrument, but also provides protection.

The thick luggage like covering provides a thicker layer to put over the wood of the instrument, while also protecting it from scratches and other dents.

Customers Reviews:

  • Fits like a glove
  • Can also fit Mandolins
  • Perfect to have a bag that is made specifically for the instrument

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Applecreek Dulcimer Gig Bag

best dulcimer cases With the use of the Applecreek Dulcimer Gig Bag, you will feel like you’re a part of the band when walking around with the instrument slung over your shoulder. Made specifically for the Applecreek dulcimers that you can purchase, it will fit it like a glove.

Provides the user with the protection that they want for their dulcimer, as well as enough space for the sticks, picks or other items that you need to bring along with you.

The strap is detachable, and can also be adjusted so that it fits the person that is wearing it better.

Sling it over the shoulder, and ensure that the padding on the shoulder strap provides additional comfort when walking around with the instrument inside the bag.

Will protect against scratches, dents, dings and other small bumps and lumps that you come across.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your dulcimer becoming dirty either since it can be zipped up tightly.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent product and great customer service
  • Fits perfectly on my Applecreek dulcimer
  • Great quality

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Flightform 78-1 Dulcimer Case

best dulcimer cases With the use of the Flightform 78-1 Dulcimer Case, you will have the ultimate in protection for the dulcimer that you own. Ideal for teardrop shaped dulcimers, you can easily place yours inside the hard shell case and get the protection that you need.

One of the best on the market, as compared to some of the cloth or luggage cloth like cases that are found, and can protect against some of the larger dents, dings, and bumps that it comes across.

Ideal to use when you’re transporting your instrument and need to put it in a common area, such as the trunk or storage area.

It has an inside pocket, so you’re able to place the other items you need for the dulcimer inside the case as well.

The handles are heavy duty and will continue to hold the instrument, even while carrying around with their comfort, ergonomic design.

Customers Reviews:

  • Perfect value for the price
  • Enough space for all of the items I needed to bring with the dulcimer
  • Loved it

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