So you’ve just bought or ordered yourself a dulcimer! Congratulations on being the new owner of a precious and beautiful instrument. Though it’s possible to play the dulcimer using your lap as a table, having a stand is better for posture and sound quality. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting fingerprints on your new instrument, which likely wasn’t cheap.

Many musicians like to jam along with their friends, which involves the necessity of traveling with your dulcimer and having a place to put it while you play. A stand eradicates the hassle that comes along with this and makes practicing alone easier as well.

Now that you know you need a stand, let’s find out which qualities you should look for in one.

What to Look for in a Dulcimer Stand

  • A Foldable Design: One of the best parts of being a dulcimer player is how compact your instrument is. This good quality seems a bit wasted if you find yourself carting around a bulky stand, doesn’t it? Find one that folds up.
  • Light and Compact: Some stands do fold up, but still weigh too much to be convenient to transport. The dulcimer is a fun instrument to play along with others, so having a light and compact stand is necessary for traveling with your stringed beauty.
  • Sleek and Appealing to the Eye: If you just bought a gorgeous wooden instrument, does it make sense to ruin the aesthetic effect by using an ugly stand with it? Not really.
  • Protective Contact Points: Some stands do not have protective rubber or silicone material over the contact points. This leads to scratched instruments, which no one likes. Make sure the parts of the stand that will be supporting your dulcimer are cushioned.

On Stage GS500 Fold-Flat Small Instrument Stand

best dulcimer stands The On Stage GS500 Fold-Flat Small Instrument Stand not only folds open, but it comes with locks to hold it in place while you’re using it. Though it’s light and compact, it’s also extremely sturdy. Use it on a variety of surfaces without compromising stability.

This particular stand is designed to support smaller instruments (including the violin, mandolin, or ukulele) but will also hold something heavier such as a P-bass. The holders on the stand are soft meaning that you can use this without concern for the body of your instrument.

Customer Reviews for This Dulcimer Stand

“This stand is by far the most stable and reliable stand that I have for my precious ukes. I liked it so much, I just ordered another one.”

“I bought 3 of these stands for my dulcimers. They are the perfect size. Easy to transport as they easily fold up flat for travel.”

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Instrument Stand for Violin, Ukulele and Other Small Instruments

dulcimer instrument stand Stability is a great quality in music stands. The Instrument Stand for Violin, Ukulele and Other Small Instruments can be used on uneven tiles and still retain its stability. The product comes with a telescoping neck which makes it suitable for different sized instruments.
The stand folds up and can be carried without any hassle at all.

Though it’s very useful for a variety of instruments, it can also function as a stand for other items such as art or statues.

The rubber holders on this music stand will ensure that whatever you place upon it will not get scratched up.

Customer Reviews for This Dulcimer Stand

“It’s very adjustable and convenient. I do recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a stand for their small instrument.”

“Just slide the top up and the neck is supported safely and can even be strapped in. It’s not as light as the Hola stand, but the trade off is worth it to keep my Kala safe and sound.”

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Hola! Portable Stand for Small Instruments

best dulcimer stand We already discussed the importance of lightweight music stands, so you should be impressed to know that the Hola! Portable Stand for Small Instruments weighs less than half a pound. This product comes with silicone protected contact points and non-slip feet to prevent unhappy accidents.

This stand is so lightweight that it’s been said by some customers to topple over easily. Make sure you’re using it on proper surfaces and this should be enough to protect your instrument from taking a spill.

This portable stand is so portable, you should be able to fit it into your music case, a unique and impressive trait for music stands.

Customer Reviews for This Dulcimer Stand

“It is so compact and great. It has nice synthetic rubber like non slip pads in the right places. It is better than my larger metal one for storage and even use.”

“I love the Hola! small instrument stand. It is sturdy and folds up nicely for me to take with me when I go to the Ukulele Club. It has a nice rubber padding so I trust putting my instrument on it.”

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String Swing String Swing Home & Studio For Dulcimers

String Swing String Swing Home & Studio For Dulcimers The dulcimer is a very attractive instrument. It looks so nice, that it seems like a shame to hide it away in a case when it’s not being used.

The String Swing String Swing Home & Studio For Dulcimers will provide a secure place to hang your dulcimer, keeping it safe while displaying its unique beauty to the world.

This product is easy to install, simple to use, and has a sleek wooden design that should match your instrument perfectly. The protective covering on the dulcimer stand will keep your stringed friend safe from harm.

The design is very minimal which keeps the attention where it should be, on your dulcimer. Keep in mind that it works best for dulcimers with symmetrical weight. It will hold other types, but they may not hang as straight as you would like.

Customer Reviews for This Dulcimer Stand

“Holds my dulcimer perfectly. Very sturdy and easy to attach to a wall. Like the fact that it is pretty low profile. Note: Dulcimer will hang about 2″ away from the wall.”

“Holds the dulcimer nicely for display while allowing quick access for playing it. Easy to install.”

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