Dulcimer Tabs and Dulcimer Sheet Music

dulcimer tabs

All dulcimer tabs

A compilation of as many of the free dulcimer tabs and free dulcimer sheet music we could find on the Internet. Merry melodies!
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dulcimer book

The Best Dulcimer Books & Instructional DVDs

If you’ve just bought yourself a dulcimer, odds are you’re more than ready to get good at it, but where do you start? Instructional books and DVDs are one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with a new instrument.
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Dulcimer Reviews

electric dulcimer

Electric Dulcimer

The vast majority of electric dulcimers are variants of the Appalachian dulcimer, which is the generic model mentioned when one talks of dulcimers. However, some electric versions of the hammered dulcimer are also available.
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resonator dulcimer

Resonator Dulcimer

The resonator dulcimer is a unique variant of the Appalachian dulcimer. The dulcimer is a string instrument that is a member of the Zither family

banjo dulcimer

Banjo Dulcimer

Dulcimers are string instruments characterized by their large shape and fretted strings. They are a member of the Zither family of instruments. The banjo dulcimer

stick dulcimer

Stick Dulcimer

A stick dulcimer is one of the easiest string instruments. With only three strings, it’s very simple, making it the ideal instrument for beginners.
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Dulcimer Accessories

dulcimer stands

The 4 Best Dulcimer Stands

So you’ve just bought or ordered yourself a dulcimer! Congratulations on being the new owner of a precious and beautiful instrument. Though it’s possible to
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Dulcimer: How To

destination goal image

How to Play a Dulcimer

Dulcimers are often regarded as one of the easiest stringed instruments to learn. Let us take you through on how to play a dulcimer!
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tuning picture

Dulcimer Tuning

The tuning you use with your dulcimer can change a lot about how you play it and what you can play on it. The tonality changes and the feel is different, different songs suggest themselves, and you have to learn a whole new set of scales and chords!
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Dulcimer History and Dulcimer Festivals

Bing Futch Dulcimer Player

Dulcimer Players

How many famous dulcimer players do you know? Some are professors, played with Bob Dylan, run active Youtube channels and more!
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History of the Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer History

The hammered dulcimer is referred to as ‘hammered’ in reference to the small mallets (referred to as hammers) that players use to strike the dulcimer strings.
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