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Build A Psaltery

When it comes to building a psaltery, there are a few simple tricks and tips you should make sure your new instrument will give you the exceptional sound that you want! Luckily, building a psaltery doesn’t need to be difficult.
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Tuning Psalteries

Keeping your psaltery in tune is important to get the best possible sound from it. Luckily, it’s actually an incredibly easy instrument to tune!
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plucked psaltery

Plucked Psaltery

Unlike the bowed psaltery, a plucked psaltery dates back to medieval times. A plucked psaltery is made from a raised board or wooden box.
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roosebeck psaltery bow

Psaltery Bows

A psaltery bow is what it sounds like: a bow that is used to play a psaltery. There is no standard size or shape, unlike the violin, for example.
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bowed psaltery

Bowed Psaltery

A bowed psaltery is is a psaltery that’s played using a bow. It’s pretty quick to master because it’s really easy to play a bowed psaltery by ear.
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Best Psaltery

What is it?

One can argue that the modern day violin, guitar and other stringed instruments owe their existence to the psaltery. In fact, early