The Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar is a beautifully sounding and well-designed dulcimer. Here’s why.

seagull merlin mahogany dulcimer

When searching for a soulful, beautiful sounding dulcimer, the Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural is one of the ones that pops up time and time again. Through the beautiful craftsmanship of this dulcimer, as well as the soothing sounds from the overall construction, you can essentially build up a whole band with a great flow.

When searching for the right dulcimer, consider some of these areas that you can find within the Seagull’s dulcimer guitar. Not only will you be pleased with the outcome, but you can find out if this dulcimer is the best one for you to go with.

Choosing the ideal dulcimer for the beginner, or advanced player is essential and Seagull’s dulcimer guitar comes highly rated for both.

The Overall Construction

The overall quality of the dulcimer that you choose to purchase makes a huge difference on how the instrument is played, and how it sounds when it is played. Seagull’s dulcimer guitar has high-quality construction and provides the smooth melodies you’d expect from a higher end instrument.

Made from solid mahogany, you can enjoy the soothing sounds that only come from a hard, high-quality wood that the instrument is made from. Mahogany is one of the most common wood materials you will find with dulcimers since it provides the deep, smooth sounds that you cannot find from some of the other materials.

The strings are put through the body, making them more likely to stay in place for longer periods of time while you strum and play. Though replaceable, the instrument stays intact during learning sessions and rarely need to have replacement parts because of the quality of craftsmanship.

The satin oil finish provides a smooth gleam over the outside of the instrument, providing it with the essential sounds that you want the instrument to make. It also helps your fingers smoothly glide over the strings while playing.

The compensated bridge Tusq provides the player with a way to stay in control of the music that is being played on the instrument, while the sweet sounds that the instrument makes all come together, off of the strings that you’re strumming.

Each of these parts together make Seagull’s dulcimer guitar one of the most beautiful sounded dulcimers on the market. Not only that but with highly crafted craftsmanship, you’re easily able to learn how to play and have the music sound as it should.

Ease of Use

Recommended highly for beginners learning to play the dulcimer, the Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural provides the users with an easy way to learn how to play the strings, tune and keep a song going. Once received, a beginner is able to learn within a couple of hours of strumming away on the dulcimer.

Play with or without a pick to get a beautiful sound each time, and you can also use sticks when you become more advanced at controlling the music and the strings. This provides the user with the ultimate in control while playing the instrument.

The sound that comes from the instrument seems a bit bigger than the smaller size that you would find when you obtain the instrument. With such a small instrument, sometimes you wouldn’t expect such a large, loud song to come from the instrument and with this dulcimer, it is exactly the opposite.

Expecting to get some of the highest quality sounds out of an affordable instrument is something that can be done with this affordable choice. With many people that love the use of the Merlin, and with an additional case that can be purchased separately, you’re set to become your own magician when you learn how to play this magical instrument.

When choosing the best dulcimer to purchase, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, it is essential to get something highly recommended and of the highest quality. The Seagull Merlin Mahogany SG Dulcimer Guitar Natural can provide you with these aspects when you order one and find out just how smooth it sounds. With so many users of the product, it is no wonder that this is something that is easily used by anyone, and still provides the results you’d expect.

Through the use of Seagull’s dulcimer guitar, you can start to make that beautiful music that you can find in so many types of music out there. High quality, built to perfection and excellent sound; this dulcimer can be ideal for anyone.

What Users Who Purchased This Seagull Merlin Thought:

  • Easy to play
  • Extremely well built
  • Well crafted, great sound, great price
  • Excellent starter instrument for beginners
  • Easy to tune and play for hours

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